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Keep your power alive!

Your home's power can't work without a properly maintained circuit breaker panel.

Circuit Breakers

circuit breaker troubleshooting

Troubleshooting services


The most common trouble is tripping circuit breakers. This is caused by overloading existing circuits. New Appliances and equipment require a larger circuit to run properly. Southwind Electric can help you determine your needs.

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Circuit breaker services

  • Inspect and troubleshoot blown fuses

  • Replace old fuse boxes and circuit breakers

  • Install circuit breaker boxes

  • Install dedicated circuit for washer and dryer

  • Repair main circuit breakers

new appliance electrical needs

When Should You Update Your Circuit Breaker?

If you have just purchased a high-powered appliance, such as a dryer, hot tub, or freezer, you'll probably need a larger circuit to handle the electrical load those objects carry. Get professional service at the best price when you choose Southwind Electric, Inc. to install a large breaker.